My miniature journey. . .

When I was 8, I encountered miniatures for the first time. It was love at first sight!
I began making couches from cookie boxes and scraps of fabric. The shelves in my closet became my first "dollhouse".
My life became hectic & distracted as all of ours do. Miniatures took a back burner until my oldest child was 2. At that time, my husband built a dollhouse for me. I started creating miniatures again - learning new skills which I still need to bring back out! LOL
Five years ago, my husband & son developed serious health issues.
I knew I was finally on the mend, as they were, when when I felt my passion for miniatures return. I was able to create again. I had lost all of this in my worry & sadness.
This was the greatest gift. I was able to lose myself in the process of creating. I find peace & meaningful gratification from this work.
I opened Miniature Rose Garden in 2011, I am so happy to feel more inspired than ever. My only regret is that I don't find enough time to bring all of my ideas to realization. I will keep trying :)
Susan xo

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