1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Cutting Edge Design "The Zebra Skin Rug", Scale One Inch, TREASURY LIST


Shipping to United States: $7.90

Cutting edge design that will no doubt become the next modern classic in contemporary culture is the animal skin rug.

Faux fur is already accepted at every level of fashion & design.

We've become so comfortable with it in our homes that even our grandmothers are wearing cheetah print blouses & giraffe scarves.

Our living rooms have zebra rugs & faux snow leopard throws. . .

Perhaps it's time to push the envelope further & allow a breathe of fresh air into our rooms . . . Faux animal pelt, hide, skin.

Update your mini home, boutique, nursery, lodge etc today.

There are no boundaries anymore.

Measurements: 4.5" x 6" (11.5cm x 15.7cm)



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