1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Room Size Rug, The Beautiful Antique Aubusson, One Inch Scale


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Aubusson. The name evokes the vision of beautiful rugs for those who are familiar with interior design.

Did you know that Aubusson is a town in France? It is 180 miles (300km) from Paris.
The production of the Aubusson began in 1663 & was originally just for the royal house of France.
Their use & availability later spread to the upper middle middle class.
The Aubussons were designed as tapestries & then used as rugs.
Today, the Aubusson rugs produced in Europe follow the tapestries of the original period exactly.

This is a excellent example of the beauty that is Aubusson.
This a replica of a valuable antique Aubusson rug.

Measurements: 8.25" x 10 5/16" (21cm x 27.2cm)


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